Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How to Download Movies/Videos From Torrent in Just Three Clicks

How to Download Movies/Videos From Torrent in Just Three Clicks : Do you want to download torrent movie for free? Are you searching for how download free English movies from torrent software? Or maybe you want to know torrent movies download sites? Or maybe you are getting trouble like "This website/URL has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecommunications of Your country". Or maybe you are searching for top torrent sites? Read the article you will cover all the things.

How to Download Torrent Movies Free

1. Go the any to Torrent Site

Open any of your favourite torrent site where from you want to download the movies. If you don't about top torrent sites to download movies then read the article below. I am giving top five torrent site you can download torrent movies from here-

In some of countries these websites are blocked due to instructions from Department of Telecommunications of Your country. To resolve this problem you can you use any VPN to hide your location.

2. Search for the movie you want to download

After opening a torrent website you need to search movie by its name.You will find lots of torrent file but you need to care about seeders and leechers.

If number of leechers is more than seeders then it will take longer to download the file and if there are only a few seeders, you will have difficulty connecting and downloading the file.

3. Use VPN to hide your location

If any torrent site is not opening/blocked in your country then use use a VPN to open that torrent site. Select the country where the torrent is not blocked in VPN. Using VPN you can change your IP address and you will be able to open the torrent site.

After doing above these steps successfully you need to click or or you can click on any link.

Then finally you will be on the final page where you will see  "Download Torrent with Magnet Link" 

Click on  "Download Torrent with Magnet Link"  then your torrent application will be automatically opened and you have to save the torrent file. After few second your movie will be automatically started to download.

Finally, if you will follow this step successfully then you will definitely download torrent movies for free. I hope you understood the steps for downloading torrent movies.

Thank you very much for reading this article if you really think this is helpful and working for you then share this to everyone who needs this information.

And if you are facing any problem to do that then you are free to comment below in the comment box.

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