Monday, 10 July 2017

How to Accept/Reject All Facebook Friend Requests in One Click

How to Accept/Delete All Facebook Friend Requests in One Click : Are you in trouble with getting friend requests on Facebook??? then don't worry Read this article you will accept or reject all facebook friend requests in one click.

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Many people receive numbers of friend request in a single day specially this is a big problem for girls. It is estimated that in a singe day a girl gets thousand and more of friend requests.  So, it is very difficult to accept or reject all friend requests one by one. So, there is a trick for you that provides to accept all friend requests at once.

How to Accept/Reject All Facebook Friend Requests in One Click

To work this trick you should have Google Chrome Browser. Follow the steps given below carefully :-

  1. First of all you have to install google facebook social toolkit chrome extension for that you need to search on google - "toolkit for facebook" or you can click here to install toolkit for facebook extension.

  2. Then click on add to google chrome then a file will start downloading automatically.                                                                                                     Accept/Reject Facebook All Friend Requests in One Click

  3. After successful installation an icon of facebook social toolkit will be added to the right upper side of your chrome browser.

  4. Then Log in your facebook account with your email or phone number and password.

  5. Next, Click on icon of facebook social toolkit then you will see lot of options just like Accept/Reject Facebook Friend Request, Invite Friends to Like Your Page but you have to click on Accept/Reject Facebook Friend Request.                                                                                                                        Accept/Reject Facebook Friend All Requests in One Click

  6. After that you have to click on "Accept All".                                                      Accept/Reject All Facebook Friend Requests in One Click

  7. Then your all friend request will be accepted on one click automatically in just a second.

I hope you have understood How to Accept/Reject all Facebook Friend Requests in One Click. You have to follow this simple steps and accept pending all friend requests. If you are facing any problem in doing steps then you feel free to comment below.

Thank you very much for reading this article if you really think this is helpful and working for you then share this to everyone who needs this tricks.

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